Greek Radio of London Ecumenical Patriarchate Archdiocese of Thyateira & Great Britain







When Greek London Radio appeared and began operating legally (it began as a pirate radio station), it provided a different dimension to the pastoral and catechetical ministry of our Church in Great Britain.

After a few meetings which began in October 1994 at the Archdiocese, under the presidency of His Eminence Archbishop Gregorios of Thyateira and Great Britain, and which were attended by Clergy and several radio broadcasters and executives, it was decided that a weekly one and a half hour broadcast should be held every Monday. It was also agreed that a 13 – 15 minute sermon should be given on radio every Sunday. At a third meeting, it was suggested that there should be daily talks on the lives of the Saints, for about 10 minutes every morning.

All of these broadcasts came to fruition and they continue to be aired today. The first broadcast of THE VOICE OF THE CHURCH was aired on Monday, 4th March 1996. The late Bishop Aristarchos of Zenoupolis, undertook responsibility for the broadcasts of THE VOICE OF THE CHURCH until he was forced to retire from the position due to ill health. (He passed away on 9-8-2001). His successor was His Grace Bishop Athanasios of Tropeaou, assisted by Clergy of the Archdiocese, most notably the late Archimandrite Anthimos Eleftheriadis, who played an important role in these Church broadcasts.

Sunday sermons are given by various Clergy, the majority being Priests with theological training who live and serve in the Greater London area. The daily broadcast, AGIOLOGIO, on the lives of the Saints, was initially undertaken by His Grace Bishop Athanasios of Tropaeou. After a month of broadcasting, the task was undertaken by His Eminence Archbishop Gregorios, who continues to broadcast daily to this day.

In September 2010, the VOICE OF THE CHURCH broadcast was re-organised, with a wider circle of Clergy involved, and divided into three groups who take responsibility for the broadcast for approximately three months at a time during the course of the year.!


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